Terms & Conditions of Service

1. General

a) In these conditions: i) The “Company” means ELITE GOLD PLATING. ii) The “Customer’ means the individual, company or other party with whom the seller contracts.

The word "finishing" refers to either single or multiple processes used by Elite Gold Plating and includes the complete range of electro-plating techniques including preparatory treatment of metal polishing, stripping and electroplating to achieve the correct outcome for each individual customer. Goods, articles or any items of work comprised of either a single part or broken down into many components that are either given to Elite Gold Plating or talked about with a view to finishing by the customer will from this moment onward be referred to as item(s).

b) Any quotation or estimate made by or on behalf of the Company whether in writing and/or orally is an invitation only to the Customer for him to make an offer and no order in pursuance of any quotation or estimate shall be binding upon the Company. Any agreement made between the Company and the Customer for processing (hereinafter called the Contract) shall only be subject to these Terms and Conditions according to their provisions. Any representation or warranty made by or on behalf of the Company prior to the Contract whether orally or in writing is hereby expressly excluded and shall be of no effect.


2. Quotations

a) All quotation are given in good faith from samples, drawings, photos or established part, catalogue or recognised trade numbers and subject to the items in question being suitable for processing in an established trade method.

b) The quotation (if any) shall remain valid:

i) For the period stated therein.

ii) Where no period is stated for three months after its date PROVIDED ALWAYS that where precious metal deposits are involved in the contract the quotation shall be deemed to be provisional and the Company reserves the right to charge the market price ruling at the time it accepts the order.

c) All quotations that are given without sight of the goods to be processed are provisional only. The Company reserves the right to amend such quotation or estimate and decline the order after examination of the same.

d) Should the supply of goods submitted for processing vary from the quotation i.e. in design, method of manufacture or condition of base metal, then the Company reserves the right to re-quote, taking into account the different features of the goods or materials.

e) If the Company is called upon to remove any excessive oxide, rust, grease or other contaminating material it reserves the right to make an additional charge for putting such materials in a suitable condition to enable them to be processed.



3. Quality and delivery of the work

a) Neither Elite Gold Plating nor its suppliers can be held responsible for any damage or unsatisfactory results, which are caused or created during the process of carrying out finishing, excepting the loss of goods or negligent damage to item(s).

b) Customers accept that any procedures, chemicals or processes applied to item(s) are applied at the sole risk of the customer and that no responsibility will be taken by Elite Gold Plating for any damage to items occurring during the finishing process.

c) Elite Gold Plating makes no claims or warranties regarding the end result or the quality of any estimated finish or completed result. At their own discretion and choosing, Elite Gold Plating may offer to re-apply the finish if it accepts that the result that has been achieved should be regarded as substandard or below the standard that it deems acceptable.

i) This result will be based on a selection of factors to and including the shape, quality and composition of the metal, purity and thickness, and age and condition of the metal that makes up the item(s).

d) Any unsatisfactory damage to the item(s) should be brought to the attention of Elite Gold Plating immediately on delivery of the item(s). If there should be any dispute arising from these issues it should be made in writing to the company by letter or email to the company's trading address. Any dispute must be made within 7 days of the date of the invoice. Elite Gold Plating will not accept any responsibility for damage or substandard quality of finishing unless Elite Gold Plating has declared receipt of this notice in writing. Elite Gold Plating issues no guarantee at all that item(s) will be fit for usage when a finishing process has been applied to them.

e) Because of the nature of our electroplating servicesand metal polishing and the subsequent altering that occurs to metal surfaces by the processes of polishing and plating, items in this category are always finished at the risk of the owners.

f) Customers are asked to indicate any areas of their item(s) that must be avoided in order to help to minimize any risk. Elite Gold Plating will use every endeavour to protect, leave or mask those areas that have been marked out by a customer, but cannot guarantee the results because of the way the process works. Elite Gold Plating can not make any guarantee regarding completion or delivery dates and does not offer compensation of any kind, whether from payments or a reduction in charges requested by any customers should any goods be delivered later than specified. Elite Gold Plating will at all times attempt to meet delivery deadlines and will work to the best of its ability to deliver at these times, but this does not warrant a guarantee that such dates will be met. Clients must make Elite Gold Plating aware of any deadline that they require before asking for finishing work to be done and they request this at their own risk.


4. Insurance whilst in transit and on site

a) Item(s) that are delivered either by post or courier are sent at the owner's risk. Customers are asked to make sure that their items are correctly insured and properly covered while they are in transit and in the possession of Elite Gold Plating or its suppliers. Elite Gold Plating is not responsible for any damage to or loss of any item(s) while they are in transit.

b) Elite Gold Plating will not take any responsibility for any item(s) unless they have been signed for by an official agent of Elite Gold Plating or any of its representatives. Any item(s) to be sent by Elite Gold Plating will be sent on behalf of a customer and therefore the responsibility for the item will be with the delivery agent and the associated insurance company.

c) Elite Gold Plating will not be held responsible for any claim made regarding goods or items that have been stolen from its premises or transportation vehicles in use by the company or members of its staff. Any claims regarding theft of items in this respect will be forwarded to the appropriate insurers and any criminal activity immediately reported to the police.

d) Elite Gold Plating will not be held responsible for any loss or dispute that may arise from such claims. Any loss or damage of item(s) or goods which is caused by suppliers who have been given the responsibility for finishing work under the instructions of the company are the sole responsibility of the supplier in question.

e) Elite Gold Plating will take no responsibility for any negligence, loss or theft of items or goods which is caused either directly or indirectly by suppliers of any services which are of use in the daily running of the company and the business or in the process of working with item(s) belonging to customers. Any claim of this nature will be treated as the supplier's responsibility.


5. Price

a) The price payable by the Customer for each delivery of goods shall be either that specified by the Company in any valid quotation (to be valid any quotation must be in accordance with the conditions set out in clause 2 hereof) or the Company’s ruling price at the date of despatch.

b) The Company shall be entitled to adjust the Contract price whether before or after the making of the Contract. In the event of any variation in the costs to the Company of supplying the services where:

i) Additional work is required to remove any excessive oxide, rust, grease or other contaminating material and to put the goods in a suitable condition to enable them to be processed.

ii) The goods submitted for processing vary from the quotation (i.e. in design, method of manufacture or alteration in base metal).

iii) The bulk of the goods delivered for processing do not correspond to the sample.

iv) Any other reason whatsoever beyond the control of the Company (but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing) fluctuations in exchange rates, the action of any government or any other legal authority or any labour problems.

c) In all cases where precious metal deposits are involved the Company reserves the right to charge the market price ruling at the time it accepts the order.

d) The Contract price does not include the cost of carriage to the contracted place of delivery, or the cost of packaging goods or materials.

e) The price does not include Value Added Tax that will be charged at the rate applicable at the date of invoice.


6. Payment Terms

a) Payment is due on completion of the work. Any agreement regarding the reduction of the amount of an invoice that is due should and must be agreed in writing by Elite Gold Plating. No verbal agreements that are made or implied by any employee or will be treated as binding unless they are given in writing by an authorised representative or company employee.

b) Goods remain the property of Elite Gold Plating until they have been fully paid for. Failure to pay within 28 days may, at the discretion of Elite Gold Plating, accrue charges for storage of the items at the rate of five percent of the invoice value or ten pounds sterling, whatever is the greater figure per calendar month.

c) If payment is not received for services rendered within 28 days of the invoice due date, this may result in Elite Gold Plating  disposing of any goods belonging to the customer for the value of the scrap metal. If a customer is experiencing difficulty with paying, they should notify Elite Gold Plating who can then arrange for them to make a minimum payment of 50% of the amount due to them which will enable them to avoid taking such action. Elite Gold Plating is not responsible for the loss that may result from disposing of goods belonging to the customer. At it's own discretion, Elite Gold Plating may choose to sell their bad debts on to a third party company when a period of 28 days has lapsed following the payment due date.